Detailed Curriculum Vitae

Th. Papayiannis was born in Elliniko, Ioannina, in 1942.

From 1961 to 1966 he studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts on a scholarship, next to Yiannis Pappas.
In 1967 he studied ancient Greek Art and the Art of the Mediterranean Basin, on a two-year domestic Scholarship from the Government Scholarship Service (I.K.Y). His Mediterranean journeys took him to Egypt, Asia Minor, Cyprus, South Italy and Sicily.
In 1970 he became assistant Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts, next to Y. Pappas.
From 1981 to 1982, during his post-graduate studies at the "Ecole Nationale Supperieur des Arts Appliques et des Metiers d' Art" in Paris, he studied the modern sculpture materials.
In 1996-1997 he visited the USA, on a 6-month sabbatical, in order to study the educational programs and the organization of sculpture workshops at the N.Y. School of Fine Arts.
Through the Erasmus-Exchange programs he regularly co-organizes Workshops in association with the Hdk Berlin and the art schools of Brera and Bolognia.
During the last 20 years Th. Papayiannis has initiated the organization of Sculpture Symposiums in many Greek towns and Cyprus, creating large scale sculptures for public spaces. The sculptures are being created on-site.
He has been actively involved in 30 individual and numerous group exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad.
His monumental works are found in many private spaces, museums and private collections, both in Greece and abroad.
He has created many busts, statues of significant personalities, medals and coins, as well as huge sculptural compositions placed in public and private spaces.
He has been awarded many prizes at various competitions, last of them being the international competition for a sculpture at the Chicago airport.
His work has been the subject of articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as radio and television programs both in Greece and abroad.
Th. Papayiannis is currently Professor of Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts.
He lives and works in Athens, Greece.  


  • 1975: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Visual Arts Center", Athens.
  • 1976: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Panselinos" Center for Art and Literature, Thessaloniki.
  • 1978: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, Athens College Library .
  • 1979: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Ora" Gallery, Athens.
  • 1980: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Epochi" Gallery, loannina.
  • 1983: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Zygos" Gallery, Athens.
  • 1984: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Anemos" Gallery, Kifissia.
  • 1987: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Anemos" Gallery , Kifissia.
  • 1988: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Prisma" Gallery, Rhodes. Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Morfi" Gallery, Lemessos, Cyprus. Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, Pieridis Art Gallery , Athens.
  • 1989: Exhibition of Sculpture, Gallery 4 (Skoufa 4), Athens.
  • 1991: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Angathi" Gallery, Athens.
  • 1992: Exhibition of Sculpture and Drawing, "Art Forum" Gallery, Thessaloniki. Exhibition of Sculpture,"Amymoni" Modern Art Gallery, loannina. Exhibition of Sculpture, "Polyedro" Gallery, Patra.
  • 1993: Exhibition of Sculpture, Psychiko Art Gallery, Athens. Exhibition of Sculpture, Campus Art and Sciences, Kifissia.
  • 1994: Exhibition of Sculpture, "Chiron" Gallery, Zurich.
  • 1995: Exhibition of Sculpture, Gallery K, London. Exhibition of Sculpture, Gallery I! Argo ", Lefkosia, Cyprus. Exhibition of Sculpture, 30th Dimitria Festival, Municipal Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Old Archaeological Museum.
  • 1996: Exhibition of Sculpture, Gallery "Skoufa", Athens. Exhibition of Sculpture, Gallery "Orfeas", Ancient Olympia. Exhibition of Sculpture, Gallery "Court Saint-Pierre", Geneva. 
  • 1967: Pan Hellenic, Zappeio.
  • 1969: Young Artists, Foyer of Arts and Letters (commendation) .
  • 1970: Hilton, in memory of Sklavos (1st prize, sculpture).
  • 1973: 2nd Biennale, Budapest.
  • 1975: Pan Hellenic, Zappeio.
  • 1976: Sofia: 10 Greek Artists. "Ipirotiki '76", loannina.
  • 1977: 3rd Biennale, Budapest. "Ipirotiki '77", loannina. Artists from Epirus, Cultural Center, Municipality of Athens.
  • 1978: Exhibition by the Pan Hellenic Cultural Movement, Cultural Center, Municipality of Athens. Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Filothei, Athens.
  • 1979: National Art Gallery: 10 sculptors, candidates for the sculptures atelier atelier of the School of Fine Arts.
  • 1980: Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Municipality of Palio Faliro, Athens.
  • 1981: French and Foreign Artists, Mairie du XVlllihme Arrondissement, Paris.
  • 1982: Young Greek Artists, Fondation Hellenique, Paris. Outdoor Exhibition by the Society of Sculptors, at the Athens Conservatory. 
  • 1983: Outdoor Exhibition by the Society of Sculptors, at the Athens Conservatory
  • 1984: Outdoor Exhibition by the Society of Sculptors, at the Athens Conservatory. Outdoor Exhibition in the National Garden, for the Athens Sesquicentennial. "Zygos" Group Show, during the International Art Critics Conference, and at the National Art Gallery Exhibition.
  • 1985: "Apopsi" Gallery, dedicated to the School of Fine Arts, No.3. 5th International Biennale of Sculpture, Skironeio Museum. Outdoor exhibition in the gardens of the Rizario Seminary , as one of the Athens Cultural Capital of Europe events.
  • 1986: Institut Francais, Thessaloniki. 10 Sculptors, Sculpture Symposium, loannina
  • 1988: "Pleiades" Gallery, Athens. 7 Sculptors. Outdoor exhibition of sculpture organized by the City of Athens in the Korai Street pedestrian precinct.
  • 1989: 7 Sculptors, "Epoches" Gallery , Kifissia.
  • 1990: 4 Sculptors, "Astrolabos" Gallery, Piraeus.
  • 1991: 3 Sculptors, "Ersi" Gallery, Athens.
  • 1992: 7 Sculptors, "Aenaon" Gallery, Athens.
  • 1993: 3 Sculptors, "Notos" Gallery, Piraeus. 7 Sculptors, Gallery K, London. 3 Sculptors, "Ersi" Gallery, Athens. Group Exhibition, "Epoches" Gallery , Kifissia. Group Exhibition, Psychiko Art Gallery. "Summer '93", Marcellus Tower, "Ersi" Gallery, Aegina. "The Child in Modern Greek Art", National Art Gallery.
  • 1994: Art Athina 1994, Gallery "Anemos". Society of Sculptors, Athens. "Summer '94 ", "Ersi" Gallery , Aegina. Group exhibition of small sculptures, "Epoches" Gallery, Kifissia.
  • 1995: IV Triennial of European Sculpture, Paris (Jardin des Plantes). "Morphi" Gallery, Painting, Sculpture, Lemesos, Cyprus. Between Humanism and Contemporary time, Campus Art and Sciences, Kifissia. Psychiko Art Gallery. Art Athina '95, "Epoches" Gallery. Outdoor Exhibition by the Society of Sculptors, in the National Garden. Group exhibition of sculpture, Ancient Olympia. 3 Sculptors (Papayannis, Rokos, Houliaras) , Fine Arts Building, Plaka. Sculpture Symposium, Konitsa loannina.
  • 1996: Sculpture Symposium, in the University of Patra. The Cross, "Argo" Gallery. IX International Biennale of Sculpture, 1996-97, Skironio Museum, Athens. Art Athina 4/96, Gallery Skoufa.
  • 1997: Eleven leading artists meet in Patmos. 10 Contemporary Representative Artists, Thessaloniki Cultural Capital in collaboration with the Kouvoutsaki Gallery. Contemporary Greek Sculpture, Thessaloniki Cultural Capital.
  • 1998: Transformations of an Industrial Landscape BIS in Pireos Street. Brussels, Building of the West European Union, "Food of the Gaze", January - June.


  • 1975: Angelis Govios, Psachna, Evia.
  • 1978: Nikolaos Plastiras, N. Erithrea, Attica.
  • 1986 : Eleftherios Venizelos, loannina.
  • 1988 : Dr. Christos Lekkas, Koropi, Attica.

PRINCIPAL BUSTS / 1970- 1995

  • Georgios Theotokas, Chios.
  • General Kammenos, Galaxidi.
  • Professor Simeonidis, "Theagenio" Hospital, Thessaloniki.
  • EIeftherios Venizelos, General Sapountzaki, Archbishop Spyridon, General Headquarters 1912-1913, Hani Emin Aga, loannina.
  • Markos Avgeris, G. Kotzioulas, Lambridis, Hatzikostas, loannina.
  • Brother Samuel, Moscho Tzavella, Souli.
  • Christos Makris, Sellia Rethymnou, Crete.
  • Angelos Sikelianos, Kostas Krystallis, Athens.
  • Angelos Terzakis, Nafplio.
  • Kosmas Aetolos, Teachers College, loannina.
  • Jean Moreas, loannina.
  • Christos Nikolopoulos, Andritsaina.
  • General Sarafis, War Museum.
  • Konstantinos Froutzos, Society for Epirot Studies, loannina.
  • Spyros Moustaklis, Mesolonghi.
  • Poet Nikos Engonopoulos, Athens Polytechnic.
  • Georgios Rizaris, Rizario Seminary , Athens.
  • Professor Frangopoulos, Agricultural University.
  • K. Economou, of the Economon, Athens.
  • Giorgakis Olympios, Municipality of Athens.
  • Themistocles Rigas, Paramythia.
  • Georgios Mylonas, Archaeological Society.
  • Konstantinos Tsatsos, Alsos Kefalari.
  • Kapetan Spyrou-Mitsi, or "Kremmydas", village of leromnimi (prefecture of loannina) .
  • Nikolopoulos, for the Society of Friends House, Odessa.
  • Agelos Agelopoulos.
  • Christos Arfanis, village of Ag. Varvara, prefecture of Achaia.
  • Angelos Goulandris, Museum of Physical History, Kifissia.


  • In 1975 he was commissioned (as the winner of the competition) to design the figures of Pericles, Democritus and Aristotele for the new 20, 10 and 5 drachma coins. 
  • 1975: Medal for the City of loannina.
  • 1976: Medal for the Women of Pindus.
  • 1977: Medal for the Sesquicentennial of the Battle of Navarino (Ethnological and Historical Museum).
  • 1978: Medal for the Sesquicentennial of the Greek Parliament.
  • 1979: Silver coin commemorating Greece's entry into the EEC.
  • 1982: Nine commemorative coins for the European Games in Athens.
  • 1983: Medal for the centenary of the birth of Georgios Papanikolaou (Athens Academy)
  • 1984: 6 medals commemorating the 10th anniversary of the restoration of democracy in Greece.
  • Medallion for the 20th anniversary of the University of loannina.
  • 1985: Medallion to be distributed to the athletes participating in the European Track Meet, Piraeus.
  • Medal in honor of those who died in the Distomo massacre.
  • Medallion of the Helleno-Arab Bank of Greece for the 3rd Congress of the Interarab Cambist Association, Athens.
  • 1988: Medallion for the University of Thessaloniki, commemorating. 1000 years of Christianity in Russia.
  • 1989: Medal for the Athens Agricultural College.
  • 1991: Medal for Athens College, Psychiko.
  • 1992: Medal, Paramythia.
  • 1994: Medal, the Rizario Seminary and Rizarios.
  • 1996: Medal Eynardou, Educational Foundation of the National Bank.


  • Stanley Hotel, Karaiskaki Square, Metaxourgio (Athens) .
  • Entrance of the "Atlantic Union" Insurance Building, Leoforos Messogeion.
  • Entrance of a block of flats on Mesogeion Street, Athens
  • House of architect Theodore Panayiotopoulos, Souidias St, Athens.
  • Reception and Foyer, Hilton Hotel, Corfu.


  • 1985: "Mother", Koropi.
  • 1986: Monument to Manos Katrakis, Kasteli Kissamou, Crete.
  • Monument to Manos Katrakis, 1st Cemetery, Athens.
  • Monument to the victims of the uprising at the Polytechnic school, loannina.
  • Sculpture in the entrance of the Communist Party building, Perissos, Athens.
  • Monument to the Fallen Heroes, Elliniko, Prefecture of loannina.
  • 1987: Monument to A. Tassos, 1st Cemetery, Athens.
  • 1988: Monument to the Greek Revolution, Volos.
  • 2011: Installation at the Chicago Airport, USA


  • -Album Th. Papayannis, 1989.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, November 1975, "Visual Arts Centre", Athens.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, March 1976, "Panselinos" Art and Literature Centre, Thessaloniki.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, March-ApriI1978, Athens College, Library Hall.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, January-February 1983, "Zygos" Gallery, Athens.
  • -Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan, Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, November 1987, "Anemos" Art Gallery , Athens.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, November -December 1989, "Skoufa 4" Art Gallery, Athens.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, November 1992, Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, December 1992, "Amymoni" Modern Art Gallery, loannina.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, December 1992 - January 1993, Polyedro, Patras.
  • -Art Athina Exhibition, May 1994, Athens Exhibitions Centre, "Anemos" Gallery .
  • -Thodoros Papayannis Exhibition, March-ApriI 1995, K Gallery, London.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis, Sculpture 1964-1988, Athens 1990.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis, Sculpture, 30th Dimitria Festival, Thessaloniki Municipal Art Gallery, 1995.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis, Gallery "Skoufa", Athens.
  • -Thodoros Papayannis, Gallery "Orfeas", Ancient Olympia.